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€796.00 €825.00

The industry standard for rugged design, versatility, and comfort

If you want a tough recreational buoyancy system, and also want it to adapt and change to meet your different diving needs,

the Ranger is a system you won\'t...


Ranger LTD

€990.00 €1,059.00

The BC that set the standard raises the bar with extra features

"The Ranger LTD wing reminded me of how wings are meant to be." - Divernet - 

The new LTD now comes standard in Black  a good looking, rich color that compliments any...



€649.00 €689.00

Designed for the recreational diver who is looking for a fully-featured BC.

The world’s first and only jacket style BC with the patented Ripcord System® - the easiest and most reliable weight release system – and Personal Fit System® in...


Stiletto BC

€549.00 €579.00

A rugged BC for travel and local diving that doesn\'t compromise on features

The Stiletto is designed for divers who do both warm and temperate water diving but don’t need the twin tank capability or higher lift of a heavy-duty BC. It has...



€749.00 €769.00

Designed for the Search and Rescue Diver

The SAR BC, along with the 911 BC, was introduced in 1997 in response to many requests from Public Safety divers for systems designed to fit their needs.

Identical to the 911,...



€499.00 €549.00

Designed by women for women for better balance and comfort

The Zena has been designed...


Recon Fin

€149.00 €159.00

Recon Fin

Revolutionary fin design for ultimate thrust and control. 

Winner of the 2018 Tester\'s Choice Award.