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List of products by brand Beuchat


Explorer HD 45LT

€79.90 €94.90

HD : High Durability

Matt Tarpaulin material


Assembled by high frequency welding for a perfect seal

Rinse purge


U-shaped zip fastener for easy access protected by flap



Explorer Roll

€149.00 €169.90

Beuchat Shell Case:

Semi-rigid thermoformed EVA back shell combining lightness with enhanced protection for contents during transport or handling.

U-shaped zip fastener for easy access

Outer document pocket with coated...


Jachet Elite 5mm

€230.00 €249.90

The Elite is ideal for cold and tempered water spearfishing and offers a high thermal protection.

Combines the qualities of an open cell interior (5, 7 et 8mm) with a smooth outer skin. Seals with high quality finishes for better water...


Jachet Red Rock 5mm

€260.00 €279.00

Red camouflage from the fusion of Trigocamo Wide and a black frameto further break up the spearfisher’s silhouette.

Two-piece suit for intensive spearfishing developed from the expertise of Beuchat, the brand that invented the isothermal...


Pant Elite 5 mm

€170.00 €189.00

Eco-Friendly Neoprene

Neoprene made mainly from a natural element, limestone.

Optimum smoothness

Smooth outer coating improves movement through the water for slicker, more efficient diving.

Reinforced stress pad on...